Departmental Minor Requirements


Beyond the required core, students are required to complete the Minor Program specified by the home department.

Current Minor Requirements for BioEng/PPSM, Chemistry/PPSM, ChemE/PPSM, DMSE/PPSM, and MechE/PPSM students are shown below. These menus are subject to change and are shown here for general guidance. PPSM students are expected to check with the Graduate Office of the home department for periodic updates.

Department of Biological Engineering
REQUIREMENT: [SUBJECT TO REVISION] Complete a minimum of 3 BE subjects, including:

20.440 Analysis of Biological Networks
20.420 Bimolecular Kinetics and Cellular Dynamics
20.430 Fields, Forces, and Flows in Biological Systems

Department of Mechanical Engineering
REQUIREMENT: Complete with a grade of B or higher, a minimum of 3 additional ME graduate-level (G or H level) subjects that are distributed over at least two of the seven ME Thrust Areas (

Department of Chemical Engineering
REQUIREMENT: Complete with a grade of B or higher, a minimum of 3 ChE subjects, at least two of which must be from the list of core subjects shown below:

10.34 Numerical Methods Applied to Chemical Engineering
10.40 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
10.50 Analysis of Transport Phenomena
10.65 Chemical Reactor Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
REQUIREMENT: Complete a minimum of 3 DMSE subjects, including:

3.20 Materials at Equilibrium
3.21 Kinetic Processes in Materials
• One additional non-polymer graduate subject, 9+units

In addition, students are encouraged to enroll in Elective Courses depending on their individual backgrounds and interests. A selection of elective subjects that may be of interest to the student can be found at the related course offerings section of this document.

Department of Chemistry

REQUIREMENT: Complete the subject listed below (REVISED Sept 2017):
5.47 Tutorial in Organic Chemistry (graded P/F)

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