Spring 2023 Seminar Series

PPSM sponsors a series of seminars covering a broad range of topics of general interest to the polymer community, featuring speakers from both on and off-campus. We invite the polymer community at MIT and elsewhere to participate. For further information, contact Professor Ariel L. Furst at afurst@mit.edu.

MIT PPSM YouTube Channel (select seminar videos from Fall 2020-Spring 2022)

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MIT COVID-19 safety protocols and event policies in effect on the seminar date will be enforced.

Seminar Begins 3:30 PM / Email ppsm-www@mit.edu with any questions. All remaining Spring 2023 seminars will be held in 56-114. NOTE: Spring 2023 PPSM Seminars will not be live-streamed, or otherwise available in virtual format. NOTE: The Friday April 28th Xingchen Ye Seminar will ALSO BE IN 56-114, traditional PPSM start time: 3:30 PM. All other PPSM seminars will be on Wednesdays.

To receive Tuesday and Wednesday email announcements of the next upcoming PPSM seminar, please email your request including your email address to:  ppsm-www@mit.edu





Bioinspired Fibers for Medical and Sensing Applications”

Prof. Crystal Chu
Department of Chemistry
Lehigh University


[Rescheduled from October 26th, 2022]


 FRI 10


“Synthesis and Self-Assembly
for Linear and Non-Linear
Copolymers and Terpolymers
for Nanotechnology Applications”

Prof. Apostolos Avgeropoulos
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Ioannina




“New Applications for In Situ Polymer Self-Assembly: Sustainable Water Treatment and Chiral Nanomaterials”

Prof. James F. Reuther
Department of Chemistry
University of Mass./Lowell




“Developing a Mechanistic Picture of the
Synthesis and Assembly of Inorganic Nanomaterials”

Prof. Matthew R. Jones
Department of Chemistry
Rice University





“New concepts for understanding copolymerization”

Prof. Nathaniel Lynd

Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Texas/Austin




“Investigating Aldehydes and Ketones as Monomers for Sustainable Polymers”

Prof. Barney Grubbs

Department of Chemistry
Stony Brook University





“Designing Selective Membranes and Adsorbents for Electrochemical Wastewater Refining”

Prof. William Tarpeh

Department of Chemical Engineering
Stanford University






 MIT Polymer Day




Poster Contest • Seminars
Networking • Alumni/ae Panel


FRI 28 

Dynamics and Emergent Complexity in Functional Nanocrystals and Nanocrystal Superstructures”

Prof. Xingchen Ye
Department of Chemistry
Indiana University






“Controlling the Selectivity of Ion-Exchange Membranes”

Prof. Jovan Kamcev
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Michigan




Molecular Design Strategies for Mechanochemically Active Polymers”

Prof. Maxwell J. Robb
Department of Chemistry
California Institute of Technology 


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