Fall 2023 Seminar Series

PPSM sponsors a series of seminars covering a broad range of topics of general interest to the polymer community, featuring speakers from both on and off-campus. We invite the polymer community at MIT and elsewhere to participate. For further information, contact Professor Ariel L. Furst at afurst@mit.edu.

MIT PPSM YouTube Channel (select seminar videos from Fall 2020-Spring 2022)

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MIT COVID19 safety protocols and event policies in effect on the seminar date will be enforced.

Seminar Begins 3:30 PM / Email ppsm-www@mit.edu with any questions.

All Fall 2023 seminars will be held in 56-114.

NOTE: Fall 2023 PPSM Seminars will not be live streamed, or otherwise available in virtual format. 

To receive Tuesday and Wednesday email announcements of the next upcoming PPSM seminar, please email your request including your email address to:  ppsm-www@mit.edu








“Light as a Chemical Tool to Access Next Generation Soft Materials”

Prof. Zachariah A. Page
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Texas/Austin




“From Disaster to Discovery”

Prof. Julia A. Kornfield
Division of Chemistry and
Chemical Engineering
California Institute of Technology


 Jian Qin Headshot(from Qin)


“Cluster Statistics Near the Gel Point”

Prof. Jian Qin
Department of Chemical Engineering
Stanford University

Lab Headshot


“Electrochemical Regeneration of NADH and Its Biomimetics”

Prof. David P. Hickey
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Michigan State University





“Developing Organic Materials for Smart Electronics”

Prof. Aristide Gumyusenge
MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering 



“Functional Assembly Based on Interfacial Supramolecular Interactions”

Prof. Yoshimitsu Itoh

Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology
University of Tokyo


 Lisa Fredin (Lehigh U.)-10-18-2023


“Modeling Photoactive Organic Materials”

Prof. Lisa Fredin
Department of Chemistry
Lehigh University




“Biomimetic Hierarchical Structure in Synthetic Macromolecules”

Prof. Abigail S. Knight
Department of Chemistry
University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill






“Understanding Human Genetic Variation with Precision Genome Editing Tools”

Prof. Alexis C. Komor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
UC San Diego


SusanDaniel (Cornell)-11-15-2023


“Reconstructing cellular protein synthesis and post-translational glycosylation on-chip”

Prof. Susan Daniel

Director, Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Cornell University



“Bioinspired Electronic Materials”

Prof. Nurit Ashkenasy 
Department of Materials Engineering
Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)





“Polymer-Mixed Conductors for Applications in Bioelectronics”

Prof. Jonathan Rivnay
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Northwestern University



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