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FALL 2023

3.963/20.463 Biomaterials Science and Engineering (MW / 1-2:30 P / 4-163 ) Instructors: D. Irvine and K. Ribbeck               
3.941/10.668 Statistical Mechanics of Polymers (TR /11A-12:30 P / 66-154) ) Instructors: G. C. Rutledge and A. Alexander-Katz
2.075 Mechanics of Soft Materials (MW / 2:30-4 P1-135
Instructor: X. Zhao
3.903J/10.960J Seminar in Polymers and Soft Matter (W / 3-5:00 P* / 56-114)
Instructor: A. Alexander-Katz

*Due to a schedule overlap between 3:30 and 4 P,  PPSM 1st year students enrolled in 2.075 will be exempt from attending 
F23 PPSM Seminars (10.960/3.903)–but are encouraged if possible, to attend the last 25 minutes of the seminars. 

OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL CLASS: See Departmental Minor Requirement(s)


 10.569 Synthesis of Polymers  (DAY TBA / TIMES TBA / ROOM TBA)
Instructor: Ariel L. Furst
 3.942 Polymer Physics (DAY TBA / TIMES TBA / ROOM TBA)
Instructor: Alfredo Alexander-Katz
 3.903J/10.960J Seminar in Polymers and Soft Matter (W / 3-5:00 P / 56-114)
Instructor: A. Alexander-Katz
 OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL CLASS: Departmental PPM Minor Class OR PPSM Elective


Seminar in Polymers and Soft Matter (Wed / 3-5:00 PM / 56-114)
Instructor: A. Alexander-Katz
Polymer elective or departmental minor subjects


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