Current Projects

Research Project/Thrust Area Faculty Name
Adsorption of Soft materials under Non-Equilibrium Conditions Alexander-Katz
Artificial Chlorosomes for Controlled Exciton Transport Olsen
Cell Migration Through Biological Gels Ribbeck
Chemomechanics at the cell-material interface Van Vliet
Chemomechanics of complex gels Van Vliet
Chemomechanics of defected crystals and nanocomposite interfaces Van Vliet
Cohen Group Current Research Cohen
Conducting Polymer Actuators Swager
Conjugated Polymer Monolayers Swager
Blankschtein Group Current Research Blankschtein
Dendritic and Peptide Block Copolymers: Assembly Behavior and Gene and Drug Delivery Hammond
Die Swell McKinley
Doyle Group Current Research Doyle
Dynamics of Non-Gaussian Polymers Olsen
Electrode-driven Biocatalysis Sikes
Electrospun Fiber Scaffolds for Medical Use Rutledge
Enzyme Engineering Sikes
Griffith Group Current Research Griffith
Imaging Agents Swager
Initiated Chemical Vapor  Deposition (CVD);  Oxidative Chemical Vapor Deposition (oCVD) of Conducting Polymers; Gleason
Invasion of Mucus Barriers by Pathogens Ribbeck
Investigating the Live Mucosa in Zebrafish Ribbeck
Johnson Group Current Research Johnson
Laboratory for Bio-inspired Research Holten-Andersen
Laser Sensors Swager
Layer-by-Layer for Electrochemical Energy, Display and Sensor Applications Hammond
Materials for Cancer Immunotherapy Irvine
Modeling of Crystallization Rutledge
Modeling of Nanofibers and Nonwoven Materials Rutledge
Modeling of Semicrystalline Polymer Rutledge
Modeling of Surface Properties Rutledge
Multiscale Modeling Rutledge
Nanofiber Membranes Rutledge
Nanolayer Assemblies for Biomaterials and Delivery Hammond
Nanoparticles for Intracellular Drug and Vaccine Delivery Irvine
Naturally Occurring Polymers McKinley
Novel Organization Methods Swager
Open Syphon 2 McKinley
Ortiz Current Research Ortiz
Physical Properties of Mucus Barriers Ribbeck
Polymer Electronics and Molecular Wires for Chemical Sensors Swager
Polymerization-based Amplification Sikes
Probing and Controlling Immune Cell Chemotaxis Irvine
Processing and Properties of Electrospun Fibers Rutledge
Responsive Polymer Systems Hammond
Responsively Nanostructured Injectable Protein Hydrogels Olsen
Rubner Group Research Rubner
Self-Assembly of Globular Proteins Using Block Copolymers Olsen
Self-assembly of Polymers, Block copolymers, and supramolecular systems Alexander-Katz
Shear History Extensional Rheology Experiment McKinley
Slug Mucus McKinley
Soft Materials Under Non-Equilibrium Conditions Alexander-Katz
Synthetic Biomaterials Hammond
The “Open Syphon” or “Fano Flow” McKinley
The “Weissenberg Effect” or “Rod-Climbing Experiment” McKinley


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