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ASST. PROFESSOR/Tenure-Track (Semi-rigid Plastics)
Department of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences


Clemson, South Carolina, USA

REQUIREMENTS: Seeking candidates possessing an understanding and some experience with plastics processing of semi-rigid articles.  More specifically, we need someone with hands-on experience with at least one of the following: injection molding, injection blow molding, injection-stretch blow molding, extrusion blow molding, compression molding or thermoforming of semi-rigid articles.  The candidate will need a terminal degree (Ph.D. or other appropriate terminal degree) in his or her field.  We will be closing the opportunity on May 15, 2014.

DESCRIPTION: The position will include teaching, performing research and performing outreach service in the packaging area.  No experience in packaging is necessary, although it would strengthen a candidate’s attractiveness.  More important than packaging experience will be semi-rigid plastics experience and interest in packaging.

TO APPLY: Please send your resume or curriculum vita to Duncan Darby,


PhD Scientist/Sr. Scientist

Cambridge, MA


WikiFoods, Inc is a new company emerging from the innovation center LeLaboratoire, an exciting Paris-based idea incubator created by Harvard professor David Edwards. We are developing transformative nutrition delivery platforms to broaden food experiences and enhance human health while creating minimal impact to the natural environment around us. Specifically, WikiFoods technology wraps avast range of foods and beverages in plastic-free and edible packages made of natural ingredients. Like the skins of grapes, WikiFood envelopes are not just barriers against water loss and contaminant entry, they are also delicious and potential carriers of nutrition, and may deliver unique nutrients just like the skin of a fruit. The technology won the grand innovation prize of the jury all categories at SIAL 2012 and was cited among the 32 innovations that will change tomorrow by New York Times Magazine.


The successful candidate will join our research and development team to further advance novel biodegradable and edible packaging technologies focused on eliminating plastic from the food, beverage and healthcare industries. This is a full time laboratory position requiring hands on experience at the bench, the ability to analyze, summarize and communicate results as well as work collaboratively with cross-functional teams. The selected candidate will be expected to design and
execute experiments for new prototypes as well as scale current technologies to
industrial settings. This position reports to the Director of R&D.


• PhD in materials science or polymer chemistry
• Some industry or postdoctoral experience
• Hands on laboratory experience
• Drug encapsulation, biodegradable films, polyelectrolyte gels and/or
biomimetic design experience
• Ability to analyze chemical and physical properties of new biomaterials,
specifically assessing structural integrity of, and diffusional rates through,
said materials
• Must thrive in a fast paced startup environment
• Communicate effectively in a variety of settings
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Food science background is a plus, but not required
• Knowledge of industrial electrospinning, rotational

For more information please contact Dr. John Lamppa:


Contract Analytical Services Lab Seeking
Polymer or Organic Chemist

Jordi Labs
Bellingham, MA

Jordi Labs, a technology company specialized in HPLC product manufacturing, is seeking a hard working, honest and dedicated individual for a Polymer Chemist position focused on Research in new chromatography products with an emphasis on Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC). This position provides an opportunity for the right candidate to progress to a team leader.


Perform Original Research- Perform experiments to develop new chromatography products. This would include performing syntheses of new chromatographic resins and modification of the surface chemistry of polymers. Strong knowledge of polymer and organic chemistry are needed.

Designing Syntheses - The position includes designing and implementing strategies to synthesize new resins for chromatography. Development of next generation chromatographic stationary phases is a key goal of this position. It also involves working with existing products to provide continuous improvement and performing research to understand synthetic variability.

Performing Analysis - The position would include performing Liquid Chromatography experiments to verify performance of the resulting developed products. Familiarity with HPLC instruments including Agilent chemistation software would aid the candidate in performing these experiments. Experience with the use and application of GPC would be very beneficial.

Discussing Results/Ideas - The right candidate would be skilled at discussing analytical data and would be able to communicate in simple terms the results from a series of analytical tests and syntheses. This would include helping other team members with interpretation as well as discussing results with team members. The candidate will interact with the Jordi Research team to vet research ideas prior to commencing work.

Team Leader - The right candidate has the opportunity to progress to a team leader responsible for oversight of a research and production team focused on launch of new products developed by the team.

Specific Duties:

• Developing original research ideas

• Devising and conducting experiments;

• Processing and analyzing results and data;

• Communicating results to research team members;

• Working in multidisciplinary teams

• Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Specifications:

• A masters or Ph.D. degree in Polymer or Organic chemistry is required.

• 3+ years current industry experience in MS and Chromatography.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a requirement.

• Proficiency with computer office tools (Word, Excel, Outlook, and scientific databases, etc.) is required.

• Experience with chromatography and especially GPC is preferred.

Jordi offers an attractive salary with an excellent benefits package. If you would like the chance to expand your knowledge of polymer synthesis and want to be part of a growing team, please forward your resume to


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA 02139-4307