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Cambridge, MA


Cambridge, MA

WikiFoods is a transformative nutrition delivery company with innovative products that
broaden food experiences and enhance human health with minimal impact to the natural
environment. Inspired by nature, WikiFoods technology wraps a vast range of foods and
beverages in edible packaging made from natural ingredients. Like the skins of grapes,
our technology is not just a barrier against water loss and contaminant entry, but also a
medium for added nutrient content. This technology was recently named to Time
Magazine’s 25 best inventions of 2014, and sees WikiFoods redefining food and beverage
packaging, and ultimately, creating the future of food.

We are seeking a highly motivated Scientist to join our R&D department. This is a full time
laboratory position focused on the development and analysis of novel biomaterials for food
& beverage encapsulation. The selected candidate will also be required to work
seamlessly with the Engineering department to help design and build benchtop-scale
equipment for the automation of various encapsulation strategies.

• Develop encapsulation and coating strategies for various food and beverage products
• Analyze physical and chemical properties of novel biomaterial composites
• Optimize encapsulation and coating techniques to increase production process efficiency
• Work with Engineering department to bring automated prototype equipment online
• Modify biomaterial formulations for improved production scalability
• Optimize biomaterial formulations for cost reduction

• PhD in materials science, polymer chemistry, chemical engineering or related field with 0-3 years’ experience or MS with 3+ years’ experience or BS with 5+ years’ experience
• Experience with natural biopolymer systems for drug encapsulation, biodegradable films, or scaffold fabrication
• Experience with material characterization (e.g. mechanical properties, surface characterization) and basic analytical chemistry
• Driven self-starter able to work on various projects and roles in a fast-paced startup environment
• Background with building and/or operating complex equipment
• Ability to work both independently and collaboratively within an intimate team
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

CONTACT: Martin Kolewe, PhD (EMAIL:
WikiFoods, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantum Design, LLC)
161 First Street, 3rd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
TEL: (617) 491-6600 x119

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA 02139-4307